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At A & S Animal Control, we strive to meet all your wildlife needs. You are one phone call away from getting help! Here are some every day wildlife issues we encounter:

  • animal under the deck/shed
  • deer in my backyard
  • dead animal on my property
  • skunks in yard/odor
  • animal in the trash can


Don't see the issue you are having? Look below to see what services we provide!



  • Removal and disposal of dead animals on your property
  • Removal of sick/injured wildlife from your property
  • Extraction of wildlife from within the living space


  • Done in aquatic or terrestrial settings
  • Weekly nuisance wildlife trapping (non-poisonous bait is used to keep your pets safe from harm!)
  • Trap rental
  • Removal of wildlife from private traps


  • Repellent/ Deterent techniques
  • Animal behavior/urban wildlife

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